5 Ways to Speed ​​Up WiFi | Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

How to increase wifi speed 2022

We can’t go a day without internet now. And now there is no alternative to WiFi in terms of seamless internet usage at home or office. To get uninterrupted internet access, you can increase your WiFi speed by yourself as follows-

1. View router location

It is a wrong decision to put the router in a corner of the room near the window to keep the amount of cables down while making the connection. Place the router in the middle of the house to get the best coverage. Remember, Wi-Fi propagates omni-directionally.

In other words, the signal spreads towards the router in much the same way as the sound from the chong. So if placed in a corner, half the signal will go outside the house. As a result, you will get less speed.

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2. Keep at eye level

The signal matches best if the router is placed 5 feet above the ground. Hold the router at roughly eye level. Do not place the router with any devices that may interfere with the signal. For example, a cordless phone base, another router, printer, microwave, etc.


3. Connect less devices

There is a function or party at home. Friends and relatives are all coming. Decided to connect home Wi-Fi for everyone’s use. You will also do some work yourself. Note that connecting more GVice at once will reduce the Wi-Fi speed significantly.

Many routers now have options to block devices. If you see a particular device is consuming too much bandwidth, block it. Ask to use Wi-Fi only to surf the Internet. If someone wants to download something, ask them to wait or block them.

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4. Connect the repeater

A repeater will increase the Wi-Fi speed quite a bit. You will find many repeaters in the market and online shopping sites. The price starts from 1 thousand rupees. It’s also very easy to configure. If you have a good old router at home it can also be used as a repeater. But for this you have to go to the settings page and configure it.


5. Use the USB router

Before buying a router, check if it has a USB port. Try to buy a router with a USB port. Because if there is a USB port, you can connect an external hard drive to it. It is for all connected devices to act as network storage.

You can also connect the printer. It does not need to be connected to any device. Print from any device on the network. Generally speaking, such routers are quite powerful. The signal is also quite good.


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