6 Useful Tips To speed up your Android phone

What to do if the smartphone is slow

Smartphones are now seen in the hands of people of all classes and professions. But as the smartphone gets old, the performance also decreases, hangs repeatedly. As a result, many suffer. Many are re-embarrassed in public.

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  • Unwanted or unused apps should be deleted from the phone. Unnecessary pictures or videos should be deleted and storage should be freed up. This will eliminate the problem of the phone ‘hanging’. Phone works slow when storage is full.

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  • Using smartphone apps accumulates in the phone memory in the form of cache. Sometimes the phone slows down when they accumulate. So it needs to be cleaned regularly. Go to the settings and click on the storage option to clean the cache of the apps.


  • Smartphone software should be updated. To update or check phone settings>System>System update option should be checked. Here you can see when the phone was last updated or if there is any new update.

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  • A factory data reset can be done if the smartphone is excessively slow. But before that, you must take a backup of all the data of the phone. Because factory data reset deletes all data.


  • Many people use live wallpaper to enhance the beauty of the smartphone display. This affects the performance of the phone. That’s why you should use normal wallpaper on the phone. Live wallpapers should never be used especially on older phones.

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  • Smartphones can also be slow due to hardware faults. In that case, you have to contact the service center of that brand.


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