Apps that steal Facebook passwords

Apps that steal Facebook passwords

Facebook is one of the means of communication nowadays. Social media Facebook has become a part of people’s daily life. From waking up in the morning till going to sleep at night, people have become addicted to this medium of communication. Every moment people are active on Facebook in one way or another.

Nowadays, many important information of people’s lives are being communicated to each other through this medium. By doing this, hackers are getting a chance to get this information. These important information are getting leaked with little mistake. That’s why how secure your Facebook account is, is also a matter of thought.

While using smartphone we often install various apps. These apps are kept on our smartphones when needed. And some of these apps are secretly grabbing your privacy. In a report this information has been given by Gadgets Now.

According to the report Gadgets Now, hackers are constantly looking for security loopholes in smartphones. Currently there are reports of a new phishing attack. They are doing this phishing attack through smartphone apps. Consequently with personal information

They are also stealing Facebook account passwords. Hackers are doing these things without the person’s knowledge. In one study, experts found more than 200 spyware. Some apps of which have been downloaded more than 1 lakh times from Google Play Store.

A cyber security app called Trend Micro has revealed the names of several such apps. Those that are in the phone are dangerous. So delete these apps quickly.

The apps are: 

  • PIP Photo.
  • Processing Photo.
  • Daily Fitness OL.
  • Panorama Camera.
  • Rubbish Cleaner.
  • Business Meta Manager.
  • Inwell Fitness
  • Horoscope Daily.
  • Enjoy Photo Editor.
  • App Lock Keep.
  • Lockit Master.
  • Horoscope Pi.
  • Cryptomining Farm Your Coins.
  • Swarm Photo.
  • App Lock manager.
  • Photo Gaming Puzzle.

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