Delete 40 Android apps that are dangerous on your phone

Delete 40 Android apps that are dangerous on your phone

Some apps are spreading malware as antivirus apps. Which has already been removed from Google Play Store. Although about 15 thousand users have downloaded these apps. As a result, hackers are easily stealing user device passwords, bank details and other personal information.

Cyber ​​security researchers at Check Point said these apps infected around 15,000 users’ devices with Sharkbot Android malware. As a result, they have seized various certificates, bank information.

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According to reports, this malware is working using a geofencing feature and evasion techniques. That’s why it’s different from other malware. The apps are fetching data using Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA).

Dangerous Android apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. So if you have these apps on your device, delete them quickly.

A list of the Dangerous apps removed from the Google Play store

  • VideoMixer Editor Pro
  • Ultra Camera HD
  • Powerful Cleaner
  • Super Cleaner Alpha
  • Wi-Fi Around: All Wi-Fi and Hotspots Unlock
  • Call Voice Recording 2.0
  • Atom Clean-Booster
  • FX Animate Editor Pro
  • Crime City: Revenge
  • Magic Mix Cut – Super Video Editor
  • LivePhoto Animator
  • Magic Fonts and Keyboard 2021
  • RGB Neon HD Keyboard Background
  • GT Sports Racing Online
  • New Body Shape Editor
  • Football Masters 2021
  • NewVision Camera
  • Cleaner
  • Wi-Fi Password Unlock
  • Mobile Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner App,
  • Battery Animation Charge 2021
  • Scan to PDF
  • Ludo Masterpiece Online
  • AmazeTranslate
  • AppLock X FREE
  • Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro
  • Future Scanner FREE 2021
  • All Language Photo and Voice Translator Al
  • Colorful Call Screen & Phone Flash
  • Wallpaper XYZ Pro
  • Projector HD/AR Video Editor
  • Pro Tuber Ad Blocker for Video
  • Dynamic HD & 4K Wallpapers
  • Fitness Ultimate 2021
  • Waterdrinker Reminder
  • Reface Ultra
  • Pro Video Downloader 2021


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