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How much income for how many views on YouTube

We all know more or less about YouTube. As we are using YouTube to solve our daily problems. Similarly, many people are opening new YouTube channels to solve our problems.

In this way, many people are earning a good amount of money from YouTube by solving various problems and creating their own smart careers through it.

The trend of making a career on YouTube is increasing among today’s young women. But before coming to this career, everyone has a common question, how much money does YouTube pay for 1000 views or how many dollars does YouTube pay for how many views?

It is impossible to say exactly how much YouTube pays per 1000 views. It can be seen that some people can’t earn even 1 dollar per 1000 views on YouTube and some can earn 5-6 dollars per 700 views.

YouTube doesn’t actually pay for views. Even YouTube doesn’t pay any money. YouTube is a video sharing platform where thousands of videos are uploaded and watched by people.

People earn from YouTube through AdSense AdSense is also a subsidiary of Google that deals with advertising. We earn by placing Google Adsense ads on our YouTube videos.

First let’s know how Adsense works. Google AdSense takes ads from various advertisers and shows the AdSense YouTube video, then AdSense keeps 50% of the money earned from the advertiser and the remaining 50% is given to the person in whose video the ad was shown. So understand that Adsense will pay only when Adsense itself can earn.

AdSense determines how a channel will earn based on certain factors. When we watch YouTube videos, many people notice that some videos have a lot of ads and some videos have less ads. Again there are some videos which do not show any ad despite YouTube channel monetization by Adsense. Since adsense pays you for ad views how will the money come if your ad doesn’t show in your video!

In this case, you don’t have to do anything about it. It is for this reason that many YouTubers earn 10 dollars per 1000 views and many cannot earn even 2 dollars. The only known solution to this so far is to enlarge the video (at least 10 minutes).

In most cases, if the video is short, the ad does not show or minimizes it. The bigger the video, the more the ad will show. But many people think that even if the dislikes are high in the video, the ads do not show or reduce it.


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