How to get a job in Google | Qualifications required for a job at Google

How to get a job in Google 2022

How to get a job in Google

Getting a job at Google is a dream for everyone. Google is the fifth highest paid company in the world. A software engineer earns a salary equal to one lakh twenty thousand dollars at the time of recruitment here. Salaries for apprentices alone are around $80,000 a year.

Every year 4000 manpower is recruited from around 2.5 million applicants at Google. They are appointed through considerable scrutiny on the basis of merit. For the last few years, Bangladeshis are also finding their place in this huge technology-based company.

Many may think that a job at Google may require a high level of certification. But the real thing is not that, rather the aptitude of the candidate is given more importance here. It has also been observed that many students got jobs in Google despite not getting GPA-4. Even without a so-called bachelor’s or master’s degree, many undergraduates are employed. The point is – if a student from any school or college has the following skills, he will get an opportunity to work at Google.

Qualifications required for a job at Google

Programming skills

Top among technical skills is knowledge of programming languages. Tech giants like Google emphasize integration of JavaScript or Go Lang with languages ​​like Java or PHP, CPlusPlus, Python. It also requires practical knowledge of data structures and electricals. Considerable hands-on experience with Web Sockets or Web Assemblies is required. What is important to note in this case is that you should not only learn, but also get used to the latest updated version of the software over time. Because these large technology companies are always moving towards new technologies. More than 80% of Google’s work is about advanced technology. So knowing coding and programming is mandatory to get a job here.

Operating System

The interface of every digital device from computers to today is managed by a different operating system. Among the widely known operating systems are Google’s Android running on smartphones, Microsoft’s Windows running on PCs. For Apple devices they have iOS. Since Google’s job is to move people around with these devices, they need to have a solid understanding of how to configure operating systems.


Algorithms and Data Sources

Algorithms work behind every piece of software. Like – Stock, QuickSort, Bag, HipSort and MergeSort with QI. How to organize them, how to work with data sources, all these must have practical knowledge.


Learning Compilers Structure

Compiling languages ​​is necessary for the understanding of computer languages ​​by users. This is where high-quality design languages ​​come into play. E.g.- Good knowledge of HHVM or PHP and Binary Compilation is required. As the machine language becomes more consistent and simpler, so does the engineer’s skill. This requires knowledge of the compiler infrastructure for programming languages.


Mathematical science

is good news for those who are proficient in mathematical calculations in school and college. In Mathematical Studies; Simply put, Google considers the skills of people who can calculate very precisely as an asset. Those who have already participated in math olympiad and worked on programming by solving various mathematical problems, have been given initial experience for Google jobs.



of Artificial Intelligence The use of artificial intelligence is now an integral part of keeping pace with the pace of technology development. Almost every field of life is now getting involved with robotics. Therefore, the tech giants are constantly looking at the application of AAI (Artificial Intelligence). Various universities in Bangladesh have also been attracting students to robotics for several years. Not only the basic concepts, Google job aspirants should also have knowledge of artificial intelligence applications.


Cyber ​​security

is not just UV rays, the whole world is now surrounded by another ring. And its name is cyber activity. Confidential information of individuals and organizations like emails, websites, social media accounts and bank accounts are being hacked every moment. This paradox has created the need for cyber security. Proprietorships to multinational multipurpose organizations are spending significant amounts of money on cyber security. Not just Google; Cyber ​​security experts are now in demand all over the world. Besides, the world is rapidly moving towards cashless digital transactions. In such a system there is no substitute for cyber security.



The most sought after soft skill among Google job seekers is the ability to work in a team. This often involves an individual mentality, as many technicians prefer to work alone. But Google discourages this practice. Because one’s brain is not capable of providing all the ideas for a project. If there are two or more brains involved, not only the idea of ​​achieving the goal is obtained, but the task can be solved at a faster speed and in less time. Google wants to ensure quality as well as quantity. And so they expect a combined effort of multiple brains.


Ability to learn quickly

A person will not know everything, it is natural. But acquiring the right knowledge is a desirable skill to perform in the unknown. And this is very well observed during Google interviews. A person’s ability to keep a cool head and act sensibly in the face of extra trouble shows mental dexterity. The ability to learn quickly and control these situations can be combined with the ability to adapt to the environment. This is not only necessary for organizations that deal with people, but a software also needs to be adapted to handle the hassle of coding thousands of pages.


Application process for jobs at Google Hiring

new people for various positions at Google is said to happen regularly. Exams for this recruitment are conducted through online competition held at various stages. After the initial stage, the face-to-face interview takes place and thus the verification process of the desired worker is completed. Google hires people in two ways: Internships and Direct Jobs. At this time, the following steps should be followed to apply for a job in Google.


Google Careers Website

Visit the Google Careers website to find information about jobs that are currently open for application.


Job Application Form Filling

There will be separate application screen for each different job. On that screen, the application can be completed with the required personal, educational qualification, and experience information. In this case, it is important to read the job description carefully and match it with your skills and experience.


Resume/CV Upload

Resume or CV is of immense importance for any job. Google needs to take enough time to create a great CV. Every word in the CV must match the job selected by Google. Finalized CV can be uploaded here in PDF format.


Google Job Interview Procedure

This interview decision is made based on the complete information given in the online form. Although the interview is the last step in applying for a job at Google, this interview is done in several steps. The number of rounds of online interview is usually five rounds. Here mainly two things are evaluated. One- how much the candidate’s knowledge of the job being applied for and two- how reliable the candidate’s soft skills are. The questions in this section of logic may seem like puzzles. And in the first part the candidate’s technology based practical knowledge is verified. Selection of candidates is almost always done at the interview.

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