How to hide chat on WhatsApp

How to hide chat on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular means of communication nowadays. WhatsApp has become a part of people’s daily life. From waking up in the morning till going to sleep at night, people have become addicted to this medium of communication. Every moment people are active in it somehow.

Nowadays, many important information of people’s lives are being communicated to each other through this medium. Many times there is fear of unlocking the phone and giving it to someone. If someone sees these secret information, then there is a problem. But there is a solution. Let’s know, tricks to hide important chats on WhatsApp…

  1. First open your WhatsApp. Then go to home page. Then you can see three dots on the right side of the chat list. Touch it.
  2. Go to Settings option. Then tap on Account option.
  3. From there go to Privacy option. Then click on it.
  4. At the bottom of privacy option you will find ‘Fingerprint Lock’ option. Touch it.
  5. Then register the fingerprint.
  6. Your WhatsApp fingerprint lock will be activated only after the fingerprint is registered. After that no one but you can see the secret chat.

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