How to secure your WiFi

How to secure My WiFi

How to secure wifi router with password

Now everyone has a smartphone-internet pack in their pocket. Many people use the Internet often. That’s why almost everyone has WiFi at home. And during the Corona period, its use has increased several times to work from home.

We use routers to use internet at home. And through this router we get WiFi. A password is set to use the router. But anyone can use your own WiFi in a variety of ways, regardless of the password you provide. How do you know if someone else is using your connection?holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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Let’s find out –

  • Your internet is giving slower than normal speed, same condition for few days but there is no reason for this. That means there is no problem with the server. Then it could be that someone is using the WiFi without your knowledge.

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  • Devices that are connected to a private network have a unique IP and MAC address. The router’s connected device name can also be seen through this address. If you see a name there, which you do not know at all. Then you will understand that someone is secretly using WiFi. But if there is no name, you can understand the matter by the number of connected devices.

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  • You can use several apps to know if someone is using your WiFi or not.

How to secure your WiFi?

  • When creating a password, try to make it long and difficult, not simple and short. So that no one can easily guess. It is better not to use your name, mobile number, date of birth.

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  • After setting up the router from the company side, change the login information.


  • You can hide the SSID of the router. As a result, if someone searches for WiFi, they will find the options of others nearby, but will not find yours.


  • Apart from this there are several software. Through which you will get to know when you log in to an unknown device. So why wait, quickly see if someone is secretly using your WiFi or not.

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