How to turn off Facebook group notifications

How to turn on group notifications on Facebook

We join various Facebook groups for work or entertainment. But having different group of notifications during important tasks leads to problem in concentration. Not only that, many people get annoyed when multiple groups of notifications come at once. To solve the problem, notifications can be turned off temporarily without leaving the group. If desired, it is possible to stop notifications from specific people in the group as well as the entire group.

To stop receiving Facebook group notifications, you must first launch Facebook from your smartphone. Now press the three line icon in the right corner of the smartphone running Android operating system. If you have an iPhone, you will see a three-line icon below the app. Now select the Groups option under the All shortcuts section and click on the settings icon (shaped like a gear) on the top right side of the page to get the Group settings option.

If you click on Notifications settings from Group settings option, you can see the list of Facebook groups you are connected with. Each group has a button on the right side. All posts, Highlight, Friends posts and Off options can be seen by clicking on the (Highlight) icon of the group that you want to stop notification.

Select Off to stop receiving all notifications of a specific group. Selecting Highlight will show notifications of hot or important posts exchanged in the group. If you want to get notifications of friends’ posts only, select Friends posts option.


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