How to Verify Instagram account

How to Verify Instagram ID

Instagram is very popular among the means of communication. Instagram has millions of users in different countries. The site is also adding new features one after another. That’s why this site of Metar is getting added to the favorite list of more users day by day.

So besides keeping the acceptability of the photo or its credibility intact, the blue batch is also here to secure the Instagram account. That is, account verification or the opportunity to establish a trusted profile.

You can follow three simple steps to verify Instagram account:

  • Login and go to profile and click on the three line bar at the top right.

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  • From there, go to the Settings option at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down from Settings and you will find the Request Verification option.

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  • Enter your full name there (as written on National ID Card) and apply with NID for verification. In this case passport, driving license or any ID card issued by the government should be used. If you submit with them, it will be reviewed by the Instagram authorities.

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Instagram authorities, however, cautioned that applying does not guarantee that the page will be verified. If the application is accepted or rejected, it will be intimated by notification.


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