How to verify profile or page on Facebook

On Facebook, the world’s most popular social media, many people have a white tick mark in a blue circle next to their profile or page name. On Facebook, this white tick mark with a blue circle is called a blue badge.

This blue badge can be obtained by ‘verifying’ the personal profile or page following the proper rules. Facebook has been providing this facility for a long time to ensure the authenticity and acceptance of profiles or pages.

How to verify Facebook profile or page

– Click here first or Under the link

-Then select Page or Profile.

– If it is a profile, give the link to the profile in the specified box.

– Upload scanned copy of official ID (eg National Identity Card, Passport, Phone or Utility Bill etc.).

– Give link to official page.

– Mention why you want to verify in the Additional Information box.

– Now submit this form by clicking the Send button.

Facebook will let you know the status of your application within minutes of submitting the information.


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