I’ve a List of Desirable Traits. Just why is it hard for Women to Commit?

Reader matter:

Me: 46 years old, African-American male, professional career, homeowner, good-looking, 20-year-old daughter. We date beyond my personal race. Im in good shape.

It appears just as much as local married women wish to have a loyal union, they do not would you like to commit to me personally. I actually do have a “list” of attractive faculties — attractive, in a position to eliminate her funds, a social or nondrinker and a person that is eager and in a position to take a trip and carry out acts.

Just why is it problematic for ladies to devote when I provide outward signs and symptoms of wanting to take a loyal commitment?

-Mark (California)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Mark,

Certainly, too many ladies are behaving like males (or the way they THINK guys behave) as they are preventing dedication. Having said that, i’ll show you may still find a lot more women that desire a secure attachment than perhaps not.

I’m wanting to know why you may appear getting interested in ladies who avoid an excellent connect. Could this end up being your option in objectives?

My recommendation will be to consult with ladies whom you will most likely not at first be attracted to and discover should you decide limber up in their eyes. Often the inability to acquire a secure relationship is related to our concerns of abandonment.

Put differently, we elected associates just who cannot get near to shield united states from becoming “dangerously” shut and exposure abandonment.

Try online dating the sort of person you’ve never, previously outdated before. Go slow. And watch your feelings in the process.

Can you become conveniently jealous, wish to get a handle on her time or need seal the offer too fast? The secret to success should consist of your self and quell your own concerns.

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