Popular Educational Online Games for Kids

Educational Online Games for Kids

Over the past few years, children have become accustomed to online gaming instead of playing outside the home. The popularity of online games has increased especially since the coronavirus pandemic. Even if children like to play online games, this opportunity can teach them.

Playing games continuously for a long time can affect children’s health, but through educational games, children can learn new things in a short time. It is possible to teach children something new by setting a specific time to play games. Check out the five best online educational games for kids in this report:

Funbrain (Funbrain)
Through Funbrain, very simple games can be played on multiple subjects, including maths and life sciences. This game can be adjusted according to how the child is getting grades in school. There is also a special mode for teachers to play in the classroom.

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Arcademics Arcademics lets you
play number and letter games online. Children will not face any problem playing this game due to very simple design.

Counting Pizza Party (Counting Pizza Party)
This game is based on the number system. Besides, there are mathematical equations. This game is ideal for preschool and kindergarten children.

Boris The Magician
This game is very useful for basic computer skills. This game can be played to learn different skills starting from moving the mouse cursor. Click on different boxes to get basic knowledge about computers.

Learning the Shapes
Knowing how to draw different objects is very important. Although it is currently taught in various Kindergarten schools. But children are not always in school. So this game will help to practice at home. Students can learn to draw different shapes through this game.


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