What Is Gender in Grammar? Types Of Gender In English Grammar with examples

Types of Gender / kinds of Gender

What Is Gender?  Types of Gender

Definition of Gender?

Gender: The word that indicates whether a noun or pronoun is male or female or neither both of them nor both of them is called gender.

For example, Father, Mother, Child, Book, etc.


Types of Gender/kinds of Gender

 There are Four types of Gender:

  • Masculine Gender.
  • Feminine Gender.
  • Common Gender.
  • Neuter Gender.


Easy Examples of Gender

  • Boy (masculine gender).
  • Girl (feminine gender).
  • Student (Common Gender).
  • Book (neuter gender).


Masculine gender

What is Masculine gender with examples?

Masculine Definition: Nouns and pronouns that stand for male are said to be of the masculine gender.

For example Boy, Father, Brother, Dog, he, etc.

Feminine gender

What is Feminine gender with examples?

Feminine Definition: Nouns and pronouns that stand for female are said to be of the feminine gender.

For example Girl. Mother, sister, Bitch, she, etc.

Common gender

What is Common gender with examples?

Common Definition: Nouns and pronouns that stand for either male or female are said to be of the common gender.

For example Child, Friend, Person, Student, They, etc.

Neuter gender

What is Neuter gender with examples?

Neuter Definition: Nouns and pronouns that stand for things without life are said to be of the neuter gender.

For example Chair, Table, Bench, Pen, etc.


More Example Of Gender

Some Nouns Always called Masculine Gender:

Some Masculine Nouns do not have a Feminine form. They are always used as Masculine. They are always called Masculine.

For example Captain, Judge, Chairman, Knight, Squire, Parson, Coward.

Some Nouns Always called Feminine Gender:

Some Feminine Nouns do not have a Masculine form. They are always used as Feminine. They are always called Feminine.

For example: Amazon, Shrew, Virgin, Nurse, Blonde, Siren, Coquette, Flirt, Prude, TJowager, Drab, Brunette.

Examples of Common Gender

Some Nouns are always used as Common Gender.

For example: baby, cousin, orphan, friend, pupil, parent, infant, person, spouse, relation, Child, student, beggar, enemy, writer, teacher, citizen, lawyer, fool, monarch, ruler, ass, bird, cat, sheep, deer, rat, foul, elephant, pig.

Masculine and Feminine

Masculine and Feminine gender list:

Rule 1: Using different words

Masculine — Feminine

Boy — Girl

Brother — Sister

Beau — Belle

Bridegroom — Bride

Bull — Cow

Bachelor — Maid/Spinster

Buck — Doe

Boar — Sow

Bullock — Heifer

Dog — Bitch

Colt — Filly

Cock — Hen

Drone — Bee

Drake — Duck

Earl — Countess

Fox — Vixen

Father — Mother

Gander — Goose

Gentleman — Gentle lady/Lady

Hart — Roe

Horse — Mare

Husband — Wife

Hero — Heroine

King — Queen

Lord — Lady

Lad — Lass

Male — Female

Man — Woman

Monk —  Nun

Nephew — Niece

Ram — Ewe

Sir —  Madame

Pappa / Dad —  Mamma / Mummy

Stag — Hind

Stallion — Mare

Sloven — Slut

Son — Daughter

Swain — Nymph

Uncle — Aunt

Wizard — Witch

Widower — Widow


Rule 2: adding ess at the end of masculine

Group A

Masculine — Feminine

Author — Authoress

Baron — Baroness

Count — Countess

God — Goddess

Giant — Giantess

Heir — Heiress

Host — Hostess

Prince — Princess

Jew — Jewess

Lion — Lioness

Priest — Priestess

Manager — Manageress

Shepherd — Shepherdess

Peer — peeress

Patron — Patroness

Tutor — Tutoress

Poet — Poetess

Steward — Stewardess


Group B

Masculine — Feminine

Actor — Actress

Benefactor— Benefactress

Negro — Negress

Songster — Songtress

Tiger — Tigress

Director — Directress

Conductor — Conductress

Traitor — Traitress

Doctor — Doctress

Enchanter — Enchantress

Hunter — Huntress

Instructor — Instructress

Inspector — Inspectress

Governor — Governess

Waiter — Waitress

Porter — Portress

Warder — Wardess

Tempter — Temptress

Votary — Votaress

Group C

Masculine — Feminine

About — Abotess

Mr — Mrs.

Duke — Duchess

Murderer — Murderess

Marquess — Marchioness

Emperor — Empress

Master — Mistress

Sorcerer — Sorceress

Master — Miss


Group D

Masculine — Feminine

Administrator — Administratix

Alexander — Alexandrina

Czar — Czarina

Tsar — Tsaritsa

Don — Dona, Donna

Executor — Executrix

Hero — Heroine

Infant — Infanta

Joseph — Josephine

William — Wilhelmina

Signor — Signora

Henry — Henrietta/Harriet

Sultan — Sultana

Charles — Charlotte/Careline

John — Jane

Proprietor — Proprietrix

Prosecutor — Prosecutrix


Rule 3:  Changing The first part

Masculine — Feminine

He goat — She goat

Bull-calf — Cow-calf

Cock-sparrow — Hen-Sparrow

Son-in-law — Sister-in-law

Father-in-law    Mother-in-law

Man-servant — Maid-servant

Mankind — Womankind

Jack-ass — She-ass

Male-servant — Female-servant

Billy goat — Nanny goat

Brother-in-law  — Sister-in-law

Boy-baby — Girl baby


Rule 4: Changing the last part

School-master — School-mistress

Washerman — Washerwoman

Milkman — Milkmaid

Beggarman — Beggarwoman

Fisherman — Fisherwoman

Gentleman — Gentlewoman

God-father — God-mother

Foster-father — Foster-Mother

Step-brother — Step-Sister

Pea-cock — Pea-hen

Landlord — Landlady

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