What Is Parts of Speech? Types Of Parts of Speech with examples

Types of Parts of Speech / kinds of Parts of Speech

What Is Parts of Speech? Types Of Parts of Speech


What Is Parts of Speech?

Definition of Parts of Speech: The parts of speech explain how a word is used in a sentence. A sentence contains many words. Each word works differently. Each word in a sentence is called a part of speech.

For example:
Wow! The hungry cat chased the mouse under the table and quickly ate it.

In the above sentence- cat, table, it chase, Quickly, under, and wow have different meanings. Here, cats is a common name, table is an object and Cats and table are Noun. ‘it’ replace cat. So, it’s Pronoun, ‘Very’, ‘hungry’ refers to the condition of the cat. So, these are Adjective. ‘Under’ is preposition. ‘And’ connected two sentence so ‘and’ is conjunction, ‘wow’ expresses the sudden emotion of the mind. So ‘wow’ is interjection.


Types of Parts of Speech / kinds of Parts of Speech

There are Eight types of Parts of Speech:

  1. Noun (Naming Word).
  2. Pronoun (Substituting Word).
  3. Adjective (Qualifying Word).
  4. Verb (Doing or saying Word).
  5. Adverb (Modifying Word).
  6. Preposition (Relative Word).
  7. Conjunction (Joining Word).
  8. Interjection (exclaiming Word).

What Is A Noun? Definition And Examples

What is a Noun?

Definition of Noun: Noun are name of People, places, concepts, things, or Quality etc.

For example:

London is the capital of United Kingdom.

Honesty is the best policy.

Gold is a precious metal.

The horse is a very faithful animal.

Our team has won the game.

In the above sentences, London- means the name of a place. Honesty- the name of a quality. Gold- This is the name of inert matter. horse- the name of a kind of animal. Team- The collective names of some of the players.

Since each of the above words means name, ‍so, they are Noun.


What Is A Pronoun? Definition And Examples

What is a Pronoun?

Definition of Pronoun: The Pronoun is a word that is used instead of nouns. I, we, you, he, she, it, they are pronoun.

For example:

Andraw is a good boy.

Andraw goes to school regularly.

Everybody likes Andraw very much.


In the above sentences, The word Andrew has been used repeatedly. As a result, the beauty and sweetness of the sentence has been lost. But if I say Andrew is a good boy. he goes to school regularly. Everybody likes him very much.

it doesn’t feel bad to hear and there is no difference in the meaning of the sentence.



What Is A Adjective? Definition And Examples

What is a Adjective?

Definition of Adjective: A word that modifies or describes a noun or pronoun in a sentence is called adjective. Good, bad, red, ill, one, much, many etc are Adjective

For example:

Andraw  is a rich man.

This is a black pen.

She has much money.

In the above sentences, the word rich expresses the state of Andraw (noun). black pen (Noun) expresses what the pen looks like. ‘much’ indicates how much money have. So, rich, black much are Adjective.


What Is A Verb? Definition And Examples

What is a Verb?

Definition of Verb: A verb is a word that expresses action. It states what a person or a thing is or has or does.

go, run, eat, play, speak, walk, live, like, love, take, dance am, is, are, have, has etc are Verb.

For example: 

Andraw play football.

Lisa Catches fish.

She looks tired.

In the above sentence, it means to work by play. So the word play is Verb. Similarly, Catches, looks, are verb.

What Is An Adverb? Definition And Examples

What is a Adverb?

Definition of Adverb: The word that says how, when or where an action takes place or adds to the meaning of an adjective or another adverb is called an adverb. very, quietly, slowly, always, never, well, too, tomorrow, here etc are adverb.

For example: 

She walks slowly.
They are very sad.

In the first sentence, The word slowly indicates how he walks. That is, it modifies the walk verb. So slowly here Adverb. In the second sentence, the word very indicates how much they are sad, that is, very here modifies the sad adjective. So very Sentence Adverb,


What Is A Preposition? Definition And Examples

What is a Preposition?

Definition of Preposition: A preposition is a word used before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to some other word or words in the sentence. on, in, at, with, near, from, between, under about etc are preposition.

For example: 

The book is on the table.

I am going to New York.

Andraw’s family is in the village now.

Ducks and swans play on the water.

A Girl was standing under a tree.

In the above sentence The word on relates to the two nouns in the book and table. So, on is a preposition. Similarly, To, in, on, under are Preposition.


What Is A Conjunction? Definition And Examples

What is a Conjunction?

Definition of Conjunction: A conjunction is a word that joins two or more words, or two sentence to more sentences. because, so, and, or, but, unless, since, if, yet etc are conjunction.

For example: 

Joseph and Staton are two brothers.

He like photography but His friend likes fishing.

Leave my garden or you’ll be punished

in the first sentence, The word ‘and’ connects the two words ‘Joseph’ and ‘Staton’.

In the second sentence, the word ‘but’ combines the words ‘he like photography’ and ‘his friend likes fishing’.

In the third sentence, the word ‘or’ combines the two sentences ‘Leave my garden’ and ‘you’ll be punished’. So, and, but, or these words are conjunctions.


What Is An Interjection? Definition And Examples

What is a Interjection?

Definition of Interjection: An interjection is a word that expresses some sudden and strong feeling of mind like joy, sorrow, surprise, hatred, exclamation etc.

For example: 

Oh! How nice the bird is!

Alas! The blind man died in his sleep.

Ah! This dessert is tasty.

Here wonder is expressed by the word ’Oh’, sorrow by the word ’Alas’ and joy by the word ’Ah’. So, these are interjection.



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