What to do if Facebook ID is hacked

If the social media Facebook ID is hacked or taken over by someone else, it can pose a serious danger to you. Because if the hacker commits a crime using your ID, the responsibility will fall on you. So Police has given instructions on what steps to take as soon as your Facebook ID is hacked.


  • Then click on “My account is compromised”. When asked for information about the hacked account, give the information of any of the 2 options (email or phone number) mentioned there.

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  • If the information provided is correct, it will show the real account and ask for your current or old password; “Continue” with your old password here.

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  • If the hacker has not changed the email address, the recovery option will be sent to your email. It is possible to recover the account through this.

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  • If the hacker has changed the information required for login including email address, phone number, then Need another way to authentication? -> By clicking Submit a request to Facebook it is possible to recover the hacked account by filling the form providing the required information and ID to recover the Facebook profile.

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